Curvy Splines

A powerful and versatile Unity spline package.
5-star rated since 2013.

Whether you are operating within the Unity editor or at runtime, Curvy Splines opens up a world of possibilities.

Move objects along dynamic paths - cameras, trains, even flying dragons. Our controllers support physics, events, and junctions.

Roads, railways, cables, and more take shape with minimal effort.

From fences to barbed wires, adapt any mesh to match your level design.

Populate your scene with an array of elements like poles, rocks, or asteroids.

Our robust API enables you to build your own tools. A race track editor? A wall builder? A pipe builder? What will you create?

For an in-depth exploration of Curvy Splines' capabilities, head to the Features Summary, User Manual, API Reference or Tutorials.

We take pride in Curvy Splines' superior quality and our outstanding customer support, often praised in reviews.
Whether you are an indie game developer or part of a large studio, Curvy Splines delivers.