Create Mesh

This module uses one or more VMeshes and create actual Unity meshes from it. Unless you link spots to this module, all meshes are being created. If you link the optional spots slot, meshes are created by iterating the spots provided.


  • VMesh[] - array of VMeshes
  • Spots - spots to use for placement

If enabled, meshes will be combined into a single mesh


Only if Combine is true

This operation is Editor only (not available in builds) and CPU intensive

When combining multiple meshes, the UV2s are by default kept as is. Use this option to recompute them by uwrapping the combined mesh

Group Meshes

Only if Combine is true and if Spots is provided

If enabled, only meshes sharing the same VMesh index will be combined together.

Please keep in mind that meshes provided by the Deform Mesh module do not share the same index

Include Normals

Whether normals should be calculated

Include Tangents

Whether tangents should be calculated

Make Static

If enabled, meshes will have the Static flag set.

In Play Mode, and when Make Static is enabled, mesh generation is stopped to avoid overriding the optimizations Unity do to static game objects' meshs.

The layer of the created game object


The tag of the created game object

Options are the same as Unity's MeshRenderer options, except for:

Renderer Enabled

If set to false, the created mesh will not have a renderer enabled. Useful if you generate a mesh for collider purposes only.

Defines the collider type to be added to the created meshes:


Mesh Collider only

Whether a convex MeshCollider should be created


Is the collider a simple trigger

Auto Update Colliders

If enabled, MeshColliders will automatically update if the mesh changes

Cooking Options
This parameter can heavily impact performance. Please read this to learn more

Options used to enable or disable certain features in Collider mesh cooking. See Unity's MeshCollider.cookingOptions for more details


The physics material to assign to the MeshCollider

Save To Scene

Creates a GameObject, outside of the generator, containing a copy of the generated mesh(es)

Due to a change in Unity, creating prefabs from such objects (i.e which mesh is in the object, and not in a mesh asset) will yield a prefab with a null mesh. To fix this, please use the Save To Both button bellow
Save To Assets

Saves a copy of the generated mesh(es) as Asset(s)

Save To Both

Saves a copy of the generated mesh(es) as Asset(s), then creates a GameObject, outside of the generator, referencing those mesh assets. This way the created GameObject can be made part of a prefab without issues