Volume Mesh

This module generates a VMesh from a Volume.


  • Volume


  • VMesh[] - array of resulting VMeshes
Generate UV

Whether to calculate UV values


If enabled, the volume is split into chunks. Split Length defines the length in world units after which a new chunk is being created.

This is useful for faster lightmap calculation and Unity optimizations like Culling
Reverse Normals

Enable to flip normals of the resulting VMeshes.

Add Material

Click to add an additional material mapping.

Materials defined here are mapped to Material ID's stored in the Volume (see Shape Extrusion and Generator Options). One material is mandatory, additional materials are optional.

Material ID

The Material ID to which the following parameters map

Swap UV

Whether to swap U and V

Keep Aspect

Whether to scale V coordinate to keep texel size proportional

UV Offset

Offsets UV, like default Unity material settings

UV Scale

Scales UV, like default Unity material settings


The Unity material to use


Click to remove this material mapping