Optimizing Performance

When creating static content (in the editor or once at a level's start) performance isn't a big thing. But if you plan to animate or dynamically build a Generator, you should consider some ways to optimize the Generator's performance:

  • Split: if you want to animate just a small part of a bigger extrusion, divide the dynamic part from the static part
  • Simplify: the more data needs to be processed, the more time it will takes. So lower resolution where possible, and avoid generating optional data when unnecessary (UV2, tangents, coliders, etc…)
  • Think: do I need to move a source' Control Points to animate an extrusion? Maybe you can get the same visual effect with just altering the resulting mesh or animating the extrusion's scale property. Remember: if you change a module's property, all modules that rely on that result needs to recalculate.
  • Experiment: Enable debugging and watch the time a module needs to calculate. Optimize settings and try to design your graph in a clever way.