Package structure

On Import Curvy installs into the following locations:

Path Content
/Packages/Curvy Curvy main package
/Packages/Curvy Examples/ Examples folder
/Packages/Curvy/Base Main script folder
/Packages/Curvy/CG Templates builtin Curvy Generator Templates
/Packages/Curvy/Components Misc. Components
/Packages/Curvy/Controllers Controller components
/Packages/Curvy/Resources Default materials/textures used by Curvy Generator
/Packages/DevTools DevTools main package
/Packages/Curvy Customization/ Customization base folder (created on demand)
/Packages/Curvy Customization/Shapes/ Custom shape templates folder (created on demand)
/Packages/Curvy Customization/Generator Modules/ Custom Curvy Generator modules folder (created on demand)
/Packages/Curvy Customization/Generator Templates/ Custom Curvy Generator templates folder (created on demand)
If you move Curvy or DevTools to another folder, be sure to keep the subfolder structure as is!