Basic actions

Fires an event when a CurvySpline is initialized.

Use this before interacting with a spline!

Clear a spline, i.e. removes all Control Pints

Create a spline and set basic properties

Insert one or more Control Points at a given index

Delete one or more Control Points starting at a given index

Get a Control Point or Segment by index

Use a given spline and TF/distance to retrieve values


Defines the TF or distance value to use

Based On Input

Stores basic spline values for the given position


Stores Metadata for the given position


Store basic Control Point or Segment data

Use a given Control Point or Segment and F/distance to retrieve values, see CurvyGetValue

Giving a point in space, find the nearest point on a spline and retrieve values

Calls Play, Stop or Prepare method of a Controller

Align a GameObject to a spline. This is a convenience action, instead a Spline Controller can be used if you need more options