Made With Curvy Splines

A lot of projects were successfully published using Curvy Splines. Some titles we know of:

Sludge Life using Curvy Spline for Unity

SLUDGE LIFE is a first-person / open-world / vandalism-centric stroll through a polluted island full of cranky idiots and a vibe so thick you can taste it.

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Art of rally using Curvy Spline for Unity

A stylized rally game from the creator of Absolute Drift

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AUDI Quattro Coaster AR using Curvy Spline for Unity

Audi Quattro Coaster sees users put in the driving seat of Audi's new range of cars. Choose a car, place it in your immediate surroundings, scale it from matchbox size to 1:1 life size. Then proceed to build your own track and drive the car around. Built using Unity's experimental AR framework over the winter of 2017.

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HyperCore using Curvy Spline for Unity

HyperCore is a “Rhythm bullet hell”, mixing the frenetic action of classic bullet hell Shoot'em Up with semi-procedurally generated encounters based on the music.

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Tsuro using Curvy Spline for Unity

The board game Tsuro is also known as “The Game of the Path”… so intricate and twisty splines aren't just a neat feature for us, they are the core gameplay! We needed a solution that was fast enough to run on low-end mobile platforms, powerful enough to produce silky smooth paths, and reliable enough to deploy quickly and effortlessly. Curvy Splines delivered all that and more, allowing Tsuro to look fantastic and play amazingly.

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Realtime Interactive Visualization for Driverless Trains using Curvy Spline for Unity

Stadler, a big Swiss train manufacturer has recently started to develop its own Communication-Based Train Control System (CBTC). The control of the driverless trains is done by external control- and safety systems on-board the train and on wayside.

Vision 11 has created a visualization for the presentation and demonstration of the system at Innotrans 2018, the largest trade fair in the train industry. The trains are animated and controlled by their positions calculated in real time via an interface directly from the CBTC system to Unity. As an additional feature, a motion control sensor was used. Visitors were able to control the camera by hand gestures inside the driver's cabin.

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Manual Intervention using Curvy Spline for Unity

“Manual Intervention is a planetary defence game, where the core game mechanic is to orbit around 3D planets and defend the ground colonies by destroying the incoming bombs. Every bomb, missile, and space ship uses a Curvy spline and controller to smoothly and efficiently move on a curved / elliptical path around the planets. I am lucky to have found Curvy Splines because it is so powerful and easy to use it has saved me hundreds of hours in implementing the vision of my game.”

Paul Downey - Spannerworx

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GRAL using Curvy Spline for Unity

GRAL is a futuristic racing game with elements of Combat, a tribute to the games of the years ' 90 as the Megara, POD, DethKarz

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Draw Adventure! using Curvy Spline for Unity

Live an incredible adventure where you will DRAW WHAT YOU NEED

Very easy to learn, hard to master!

Incredible system that really detects what you draw and uses it in the game!

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The Con Simulator using Curvy Spline for Unity

“The Con Simulator” is a simulation game for players who are dreaming about holding their own anime conference. In this game, you can choose an eminent cosplayer, gamer, streamer or singer as the protagonist, stand out and become a legendary “Con” organizer, save the economy of your motherland “Republic of Metropolises”!

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Porsche E-Performance using Curvy Spline for Unity

In the style of a classic Carrera racetrack, two players compete against each other for the best lap time and first place in the high score.

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The 107% Rule using Curvy Spline for Unity

A minimal F1 Racing Management game. You control the strategy and coordinate the pitstops of two drivers that race 18 opponents.

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