Curvy Splines

Curvy Splines is the ultimate spline solution for Unity.

It is widely used, 5 stars rated, feature rich, efficient and easy to use. It has been continuously updated since 2013.

In plus of the information you can find on this page, you can see Curvy Splines at work in this WebGL demo.

  • Spline creation, editing, import and export.
  • Connectable splines.
  • Events compatible object movement (e.g. train, camera, etc.).
  • Objects placement (e.g. asteroids, trees, etc.).
  • Mesh deformation (e.g. snake, rope, etc.).
  • Mesh generation/extrusion (e.g. road, rail, wire, etc.).
  • Compatible with 2D, 3D and Unity UI (uGUI).
  • Highly optimized.
  • Highly customizable & extendable.
  • Powerful API, available at both runtime & editor, for both in-game and tools.
  • Includes Curvy Generator, a graph-based system to apply operations on splines, meshes and game objects. Modular and easily extendable.
  • Learning material and help: tutorials, documentation, API reference, active forum, contact page, etc.
  • Supported spline types: Bezier, Catmull-Rom, TCB, B-Splines, Linear.
  • Supported import file formats: JSON, SVG.
  • Full control over a spline's orientation.
  • Splines and their Control Points are game objects, allowing you to use any familiar tool/API that operates on game objects.
  • Splines can be annotated with user-defined metadata.
  • Supports all Unity platforms, including XR and mobile.
  • Supports/generates assembly definitions.
  • Performance: uses pooling, threading and caching.
  • PlayMaker actions are available.
  • Source code included and documented.
  • API versioning follows the Semantic Versioning 2.0.0

Supported by a context-aware and expandable toolbar editing splines feels natural like it should be. Tools palette include:

  • Quick-Draw mode to create and/or connect splines with a single click
  • Select parents/children/iterate over Control Points to quickly navigate through a spline by hotkeys
  • Split, Join, Connect splines
  • Move Pivot
  • Normalize scale
  • Subdivide, Simplify, Equalize
  • Scene Projection/Collider snapping

You can assign or redefine hotkeys for all available commands!

We work hard to make Curvy Splines the best and most polished spline editing tool in Unity. But no matter how streamlined the workflow is, it might be incompatible to your in-house level editing tools or production workflows. Knowing that we designed Curvy to be flexible, expandable and highly customizable. Using it's full-fledged, rich API it's easy to integrate Curvy into your production tools. Some facts:

  • Create custom toolbar items and integrate them into Curvy's default Toolbar with a few lines of codes
  • Great extensibility: create Generator modules and datatypes, spline shape templates and controllers with ease
  • Lots of spline and controller events to hook into
  • Editor integration completely developed using the well-documented Curvy API
  • C# source: completely intellisense XML documented, well structured