Features Summary

Details of all features can be found in Curvy Spline's User Manual. For convenience, here is a summary below:

  • Types: Bezier, B-Splines, Catmull-Rom, TCB, Linear
  • Contextual and customizable Scene view editor
  • Branches/Junctions/Connections
  • Projection on colliders
  • Mixing/Blending
  • Predefined and custom shapes
  • Annotations through metadata
  • Splines & Control Points are GameObjects. Compatible with familiar tools such as Unity's inspector and handles.
  • Import/Export: JSON, SVG
  • Object movement (physics compatible)
  • Procedural mesh generation
  • Path display
  • Node-based editor for operations on splines/objects/meshes
  • Unity UI (uGUI) elements movement
  • PlayMaker actions
  • All Unity supported versions (Tech Stream + LTSs)
  • All platforms
  • All Rendering Pipelines
  • Enter Play Mode Options
  • Assembly definitions
  • Compatible with Unity Splines thanks to |Converter For Unity Splines.

If you're missing something, reach out to us. It might already be implemented, or we could implement it for you.